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Month: November 2016

Creative and Cool USB set Designs

Creative and Cool USB set Designs

    Everyone's one hundred percent focused in this office!Creative and Cool USB set DesignsUSB is an important tool that we need to take anywhere and their role is to store all the important data such as; store office tasks, financial reports, and others.

However, usb problem we often have the name confused with usb of a friend.

when the moment in the office when the curfew or break, we often forget the small ktia objects carry. and consequently bring ktia items were missing.Especially in matters of usb drive, which is important for our case., Once usb we lost our data then the data will be stolen people even we find it difficult to find it again.


To overcome this, we have the right solution for you. that is custom usb. Custom usb is a right step to be to tell which usb ours, and where USB is not ours. We can do here is to perform a custom metal usb through online services:

usb-custom-4For example, as a usb that has been designed specifically The USB drive has a swivel style popular, sleek design in brushed Alumimium USB flash drive. 1 year replacement warranty on defective manufacture branded USB drives. Get this custom USB drive with laser engrave or 1-4 color printing and have been exposed to your logo promotional USB drive anywhere at anytime.

Slim Brushed Metal Swivel USB Drives can be yours at an affordable price that is for one booking (100 Qty) you are only charged $ 6.30.

In the method Slim Brushed Metal Swivel USB Drives consist of:

  1. 1-4 Colour Print,
  2. Laser Engrave
  3. Available Colors :Silver
  4. Dimension: 53 x 14 x 10 mm


Not only that, on a website; also provided custom usb classic.

The most popular type of USB drive! Play USB drive is versatile, with the ability to custom branding endless. From 1-4 color printing, sculpture, epoxy dome, even full-color printing!Plus you get to mix and match the body and swivel USB drive or even custom PMS color matching to match your logo / theme 100%.usb-custom-1

Play USB flash drive can be purchased for a rush order with 3 days and 24 hours lead time locally and sent to you by digital printing logo or name of your business, so you can start reaping the benefits of that kind of stuff promotional offers.

This slim designed standard models with a logo or brand to a USB Memory Stick it immediately became the most popular Promotional Items. Play USB sticks are available in a wide range of standard colors, also in your own PMS colors to ensure color prints provide a level of personalization that you want! Furthermore, you can order around in various versions.

A compact business gifts at an affordable price. devices on-the-go style is an ideal choice for anyone who must carry important files and other data together. In addition, it will be easier to carry around too.

5 Excess custom usb in

100% Customer Satisfaction

give you 100% customer satisfaction. Sometimes the unexpected problems can happen, but we promise that we will run extra Miles to fix the problem, until you are happy!

Best Price Guaranteed

The price is cheaper than other suppliers.

Payment Term

easier payment term, you can set up a payment ranging from 3 or 7 days in advance.

Grade A Memory Chip

use high quality USB chip from famous brands such as Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk.

FREE Data Upload (Up To 100MB)

provide free upload the data on all purchases printed USB drives. They can be set as deletable or undeletable file with the option for password protection.

Another function of custom usb also actually useful also for you who produce the a lot of USB sold in the market. Here you can redesign the USB manufactured to make it more attractive and in demand in the market.


Please also note that with our custom usb consumers also do not feel bored with usb models that it was just fine.

With the idea of this new breakthrough, of course, you are the producer can raise selling prices to be more expensive but with a value of more interest than ever before.

Of course, for you either consumers or producers, would have more benefits with custom usb.